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Nathan Thompson

The Doc Bundy

Richard South

Team Manager

Joe Grassi

Race Shop Manager

Peter Hoag


Chris Pohl




Joe Grassi and Nathan Thompson getting the Lotus 23B ready for it's next outing.  These two definitely have their hands full keeping the two Lotus 23's ready for races.

Paul Rego and Richard South are plotting to take over the world, or maybe just planning dinner.


Our Motto: Race, Win, Have Fun, Make Friends, and always blame somebody else!

While the racing is fun and the winning never gets old, the friendships that have been made along the way are what is really important! So here is a small list of people who we have gotten to meet along this journey, and sorry if we left anybody off. Don Hoevel, Bobby Rahal, Peter Stoneberg, Mandi Kern and Mandy DeWeese, Linda King, Tony Nicholson, Bud Moeller, Louis Shefchik, Rebecca Hale Evans, Bob Baker, Danny Baker, Les Kiser, Bobby Epstein, Bill and Marty Luken, Steve and Cliff Jennings, Bob Leitzinger, Tom Minnich, Tony Parella, Russell Musta, Kathy Swinford, Bruce Knox, Lord Richard Parramint and his Royal Family, Chris Dinnage, Bob Dance, Clive Chapman, Chris Hessey, Denise McCluggage, Bob Chapman, James Mann, Lee Clark, Phil Reily, Greg Smith, Brian Johnson, Kim Hoxie, Bruce Sutherland,

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