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Nathan Thompson and the Lotus 23c, have started a new winning tradition.

Nathan Thompson gets his chance to shine.

Paul Rego and Richard South acquired our Lotus 23c about a decade ago.  It seems like it has been forever ago, but with Nathan Thompson and Joe Grassi working on the Lotus 23b and the Lotus 79, each car has to wait its turn.  So while Cliff Jennings built a new motor, Nathan Thompson, Joe Grassi and Jeffrey Camp were busy putting a new frame together.  All of this was done while winning multiple  races and championships in the other cars.  Finally the motor was ready to be mated to the new chassis and the new body work was ready to be fitted.


Doc Bundy was given the honor or dubious task of taking the car out for the first test at the Cresson Motorsport Ranch.  As expected the car had a few minor teething issues, nothing to serious and they would be addressed for the maiden outing at the Mitty.  Doc Bundy considers this one of his home tracks, along with Joe Grassi, a good showing was expected.  Something about counting chickens before the eggs are hatched.  The car was having electrical issues, which led to other problems and the weekend was not what the team was expecting.  

All the gremlins have been sorted out and the Lotus 23c has proven itself on the racetrack in the capable hands of Nathan Thompson.  Not enough can be said about the hard work that the team did to get this car in winning form.


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