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Joe Grassi applying more tape to hold the Lotus 23b together; the stresses that Doc Bundy put this championship winning car under are tremendous.

Doc and Joe just enjoyig a sunny day at Watkins Glen and preparing to kick some ass.

Talk about a couple of Nerds, Joe Grassi with Bobby Carradine, who was the driver with Team Lotus and Joe was the IMSA technician of the year in 1992, for Team Lotus.

Joe Grassi, Race Shop Manager

What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?

Saying Joe Grassi has been at this for a while is a bit of an understatement, as he is rapidly approaching three decades working on all types of machinery. Joe was one of the mechanics that did work on the endurance record setting Corvettes for Morrison Engineering and Development. After playing with Corvettes for a while, Joe went to Lotus Sport, where he spent seven years and won the last major championship for Lotus Cars with the Lotus X180R and the driving of Doc Bundy. When Joe finished up with Lotus, ALMS was calling. He worked with Michael Colucci, and then Kevin Doran had Joe wrenching on a Ferrari 333SP, followed by Don Panoz. Joe got to have fun working on the Panoz LMP cars, both the spider and coupe, where he got to work alongside Doc Bundy again. They both then went their own direction after a few years. Jump forward to The Mitty 2011 and Joe finds Doc, who is now racing for Regogo Racing. Classic Team Lotus delivered the Lotus 79/1 fresh from some work being done at their shops in England to Regogo Racing at the Legends event at the Barber Motorsports Park, and Joe is on hand to help however he can.


Regogo Racing, the Lotus 23, Doc Bundy and Joe Grassi have been an impressive team.  Joe has been busy in the shop doing work for Sportscar World this off season.  While Joe can easily work on anything, he prefers racecars and so do we.  Joe has his hands full right now trying to get Doc Bundy's Lotus 23 ready for the new season and trying to get all the cars serviced that have been brought into Sportscar World for service and work.  Helping Joe keep his head above water is Will Price, who is learning on the fly from both Richard South and Joe Grassi while helping with some welding and on that rare occasion helping Chef William Guthrie for the Friday night fish fry.

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