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Here is Doc having just won his third Gold SVRA Bell Helmet for Paul Rego, he is getting pretty good at this.


Doc Bundy in a quiet and reflective mood or he could be looking over the menu.  Notice the picture behind him, Lotus last championship in North America, Joe Grassi was his mechanic.

Team manager Richard South and Doc Bundy go over a

prerace strategy.  Pretty certain that Doc wants more power and better brakes and Richard is having to say No.

Doc Bundy, World Famous Racecar Driver

"And the story continues...."

This unauthorized biography of Doc’s road racing career begins with his job as a wheel polisher and technician for famed Porsche racer Peter Gregg at Brumos Porsche in 1973.  A couple of years later he moved to Al Holbert Racing, where he spent the next five years preparing cars while waiting for his turn in the driver's seat. Porsche wanted to get serious about racing the 924, so Al Holbert put Doc in one for 1980, and Doc rewarded his decision by winning a National Championship as a rookie. In 1982, he ran a 924 Turbo and proceeded to capture the GTO Category at the 24 Hours of Le Mans along with Jim Busby. This impressive achievement brought Doc national recognition and the chance to drive for Jaguar, Ford, and Chevrolet (Corvette) over the next six years, culminating in a season behind the wheel of an awesome Porsche 962. In recent years, Doc has campaigned cars for Lotus, Panoz, and Porsche. While working for Lotus in the 90s, he met a young mechanic named Joe Grassi.  Their paths kept crossing and now Regogo Racing has them both, and they are still winning championships.

If you look at Doc ‘s career so far, you can see that he worked for some of the greats, getting his start at Brumos Racing and experiencing the genius of Peter Greg, one of the greats in Porsche history. His next stop and probably his most influential was with Al Holbert Racing, where Doc got a taste for winning, including LeMans and a National Championship. When Doc talks of Al’s engineering approach to racing and management, and if you listen carefully, you realize he had a much larger impact on Doc’s life than just racing. Later was a run with Hendrick Motorsport where Doc got a very fast business degree while driving the Corvette GTP. After the Corvette years, Doc was introduced to the Lotus family, which is what Lotus truly is from the employees to the fans.

Have you ever had one of those days?  This was on turn one of the first lap, things got much worse before they got much better.

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