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Paul Rego's Lotus 79/1

"Nothing new for Lotus, their third design to change Formula 1"    F1 Racing Dec. 2011


One of the most iconic formula 1 car designs of all time add to this the John Player Special colors of black and gold, you have something special. How do you make a legend? Start with the Lotus 79 and add Mario Andretti and Ronnie Peterson, and now you have all the ingredients of something magical. It was the year 1978 and it was incredible for Mario winning the Formula 1 driving championship and with the help of Ronnie winning the Formula 1 constructors championship for Lotus. It has to be said that the year was pretty awful as well, in that the world lost Ronnie Peterson to a horrific accident at Monza. ​


Let’s jump forward a few years to2010. When Paul Rego formed Regogo Racing, the center pieces being Doc Bundy and a little Lotus 23. Paul gives permission to Peter Hoag to get Regogo Racing a Lotus Formula 1 car, and he did just that. With some help from parts supplier Lee Chapman, contact was made with Joel Finn and negotiations began to purchase his Lotus type 79, number 1, the prototype. Lee Chapman got together with Don Hoevel and they came up with the plan that the Lotus would be delivered to Regogo Racing at the 2010 Kohler International Challenge. When she came around a corner and up a hill to where we were located with a crowd following her taking pictures, I think we began to understand how important this car was to the racing world.


The car was eventually shipped over to Classic Team Lotus where she was refreshed and made race ready. Lotus type 79/1 was shipped to the Legends of Motorsports Barber Motorsports 2011, where with the help of Classic Team Lotus, Lee Clark and the Barber Museum, and Phil Reilly Regogo Racing made the race and Doc Bundy finished on the podium, not bad for a first outing. Later when Regogo Racing made another trip to the Legends of Motorsport at Circuit Mont Tremblant in 2011, Doc had one of his best races and finished second just behind Chris Bender and just ahead of Hamish Somerville. Finally in September 2012 Doc Bundy got his first victory in the Lotus 79/1 at the Glenora Wine Cellars United States Vintage Grand Prix.   Regogo Racing was asked to help open the Circuit of the Americas, it was highlighted with Mario Andretti taking Lotus 79/1 out for a few laps.



She maybe the most beautiful Formula 1 car ever, but she can be quickly forgotten.  In the background, you can see Regogo Racing already watching Doc Bundy in the next race.

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