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Chris is contemplating how good life can be on one of our visits to Classic Team Lotus, in Norwich. 

I don't have enough hands to keep lap times using Race Monitor and take pictures.

Chris Pohl, Consigliere

Keeping the Dream Alive and Well

As an original cast member and co-founder of Regogo Racing, Chris Pohl helped assemble the business and legal facets of the race team dream. The seminal meeting in England, including Paul Rego, Richard South, Pete Hoag, Chris Pohl, and Lord Richard Parramint, set the tone and direction for the future of Regogo Racing. Along with Paul and Pete on an infamous trip to Watkins Glen, he helped welcome the Lotus 23 as the first race car owned by Paul Rego. Within a year, the Lotus 79 Formula 1 was delivered from Classic Team Lotus in England to the Barber Motorsports Raceway, and the adventure began.


Chris tries to handle much of the behind-the-scenes business, including battling the forces of evil and those whom obstruct the fun that the team so enjoys. Having made his bones in 2012, Chris was promoted to Consigliere and maintains that position today.

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