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Nathan playing in a modern Lotus Formula 1 car.

Nathan getting ready to run a few laps in the Lotus 79/1, at Circuit of the Americas.

Laura tolerating Regogo Racing for now.

Nathan channeling Francis from “Stripes” any of you psychos touch my stuff and I’ll kill you.  Nathan had an interesting weekend, problems then Victory!!!!

Nathan and Milo are relaxing at  the shop and enjoying a brownie, well at least Nathan is enjoying a brownie.

Nathan Thompson, Driver and Mechanic

We're Doomed




Where do we start with Nathan Thompson’s careers, as a successful race mechanic or race winning car driver? Having left family and Texas behind, Nathan went to the Jim Russell Mechanics Training Program where he acquired the education that he needed to start a career in the racing industry. While at Jim Russell, he won the Mechanics Championship while not even participating in all the events, and let the overachieving begin. Eventually he made it back to Texas and connected with Metcalf Racing, where he got to play with the SCCA and a few Skip Barber Races. While he was working for Metcalf Racing, we started using him here at Regogo Racing and noticed that he was a sharp mechanic. This all changed at the SVRA New Jersey Motorsports Event, where he brought a Van Diemen to race; throwing caution to the wind and racing in the rain, he got a comfortable victory while on slicks. He has raced in a few Enduros with Doc Bundy and the two make a pretty good team that have won a couple times, and he is now racing the Regogo Racing Lotus Elite. Nathan is in charge of keeping the Lotus 79/1 running and making sure it is safe for Doc Bundy to drive.


Nathan and Laura have had their hands full as t welcomed Milo to the family.  Nathan has been hard at work getting another Lotus 23 built up for Regogo Racing, since Doc Bundy can only drive one at a time, this leads us to believe Nathan might be in line for a step up from the Lotus Elite.  Only time will tell..........


Nathan and Doc have just won the 2014 Masters HGP event at Road America, and they are already discussing what needs to be done to the car for Watkins Glen.

Nathan getting to test the John Player Special Lotus 79/1, at a recent track day event at the Circuit of the Americas.

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