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Regogo Racing’s Big Blue home away from home


It takes all three parts to make Big Blue and ​Leo Bouchereau might be the most important simply because he takes care of the other two. Leo always makes sure that Big Blue is always presentable at the events that we go to. Trust me Big Blue is always at the center of attention, wherever Regogo Racing goes and plays. The muscle is a 2003 Custom Peterbilt Tractor, with a very nice sleeper cab. Everything is painted in Grabber Blue so it matches the trailer and two of the Lotus racecars. That trailer is a 53 foot Featherlite trailer, that hauls everything the team needs on a race outing, cars, parts, pit carts, pit bikes, drivers gear, and team gear. There is a driver’s lounge where Doc and Nathan can go to get away from everybody for a little relaxation, meet with management or do interviews. When at a race and the awning is set up there is one very big blue footprint in the paddock, so please stop by and say hi. In other words Big Blue is our home away from home, and Regogo Racing fans are always welcome.


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