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The Lotus Elite requires a lot of attention

Where did all those Mini's come from?

The Lotus Elite was delivered in 1961 we think, she joined Regogo Racing half a century later. Her first race was at Roebling Road Raceway and she was not ready. Lucky for us we had Team Manager Richard South and not much else; there was no Big Blue yet. Doc Bundy and the Lotus 23 had been disqualified from the event, too loud? So Richard was able to focus on getting the Lotus Elite ready to make her debut, and with some help from Kurt Thrutchley she was ready to race. Doc Bundy was not excited about running her with so little know about her, but Richard assured Doc she would be just fine. Doc had to start at the back of the group and had passed probably ten cars by turn one, the numbers keep changing as time goes by, but it was very impressive to say the least with a second in class that day. Doc wanted to focus on the Lotus 23 and the Lotus 79, so lucky for Regogo Racing a young mechanic showed up to start working on the Lotus 79 and was a racer as well.


The Lotus Elite has found a driver that enjoys driving and working on her. I don’t think Nathan ever thought this car would need so much attention; there are times when she gets more love and care than the Lotus 79, of course the Lotus 79 is not 50 years old. So watch for Nathan Thomson and the Lotus Elite at races this year and please come by and say hi.

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