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Richard South and Clive Chapman at our first race, probably  wondering what have I gotten myself into.

Richard South working on the transmission for the Lotus 23, no pressure at all while Bob Dance looks over his shoulder and helps on this project.  Richard was grinning for quite a while and there was no alcohol involved.


Richard South and Joe Grassi having way to much fun filling the Lotus 79 with race fuel.  Hopefully they are paying attention and making sure Doc Bundy has enough gas for the session. 

Richard South, Team Manager  of Regogo Racing

Helping Paul Rego Live the Dream

Richard has known Paul for years and was the first person to get the call when Paul decided that we needed to go racing. Richard has an extensive and varied background that makes him the ideal choice to be the Team Manager for Regogo Racing. Richards’s creative side shows itself with his musical background and his wonderfully tasty cooking styles. Spend enough time around the man and you get an idea as to how analytical he is as well; we will blame the Navy for that side of him. When he came to work with Paul to help set up Regogo Racing, he left a very successful sales career behind, which explains his wonderful bullshitting ability. The accomplishments he is most proud of are his family, his wonderful parents who helped shape him, his kids who gave him some of his grey hair, and being married to the wonderful Lisa, who along with Richard is enjoying being a Grandparent to Henley Florence South.


Richard is able to think both in the box and outside the box, both of which are needed in his job. As many competitors have discovered, Richard will do whatever he can to make sure you can race, as he only wants to beat you on the track. With Joe Grassi and Nathan Thompson working on our cars, it is not uncommon to see Richard under the hood of a fellow competitor’s car, which has resulted in our finishing second only once in a race last year. Poor guy had a Lola T70 with a big old V8 and was barely able to beat Doc in his Lotus 23 with a small 4 banger. To show there were no hard feelings Richard invited our competition to come over to eat and drink with us, but he does that for everybody.

What does Richard do on a Friday afternoon at the races, he helps a fellow racer with a broke transmission, Bill Luken who races against Doc Bundy was able to make the Saturday race.  Nathan Thompson is supervising, Doc Bundy is napping and Peter Hoag is trying to keep his mouth shut, Bill Luken said it looked like a union job. 

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