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Doc Bundy and the Lotus 23, a winning combination

Sometimes rain can be a good thing

Paul Rego and entourage made a visit to the first Legends event which took place at the Barber Motorsports Park on the 20-23 of May. Peter Hoag went exploring the paddock after Paul Rego had decided lets go racing. Seeking some shelter  fr om a thunderstorm Peter took refuge at Don Hoevel’s big rig, seeing a pretty white and red Lotus 23, it was mentioned the owner might want to sell her. During the shower, Bobby Rahal shows up and discusses the Lotus 23 and that it might be for sale. Two days later Peter Stoneberg wins his race and agrees to sell the car to Paul Rego.


Doc Bundy was hired as our first driver; his first race for us was the 2010 Legends event at Watkins Glen where Doc won his class. 2011 continued the race winning for the Lotus 23 and Regogo Racing as the year progressed the team got better and more confident. Joe Grassi has taken over as the head mechanic for the Lotus 23 and Doc Bundy, the bickering is constant and so is the winning. 2013 Doc Bundy and Regogo Racingwon their class or the overall win in almost every race entered, culminating with the SVRA United States Vintage Championship.


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