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You just can't make this shit up

Pete Hoag, son of Tim and Jackie Hoag of Santa Fe, was the divine instrument in locating and acquiring the Lotus 23b and the iconic John Player Special Lotus 79, the crown jewels of Regogo Racing


As the Team Facilitator, he knows all the right people, both V.I.P.’s and those other nameless minions and he is the invaluable scout and liaison with Classic Team Lotus, S.V.R.A., H.M.S.A., Masters Historic Racing and all the racetracks and venues that help keep Regogo Racing at the top of the heap.


Ladies, Pete is a Virgo, he loves Dr. Pepper, Whataburger, football and walking on the beach.  He can easily be found on social media as the host of the Regogo Racing website and Facebook page.

Peter Hoag, The Facilitator

Gary Bihary got this action shot of Pete rushing to get some Dr. Pepper.  Gary is so good the photo is not even blurred.

It was kinda different this year at the Mayor's Formula 1 party, Leo Bouchereau was not there, having decided to rest and take a shower.  Dave and Betina Foreman along with Robert MacKenzie proved three people can replace Leo for one night.

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