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It is getting close.

The Mitty by Hagert Insurance, April 21-24, is approaching fast. The airplane reservations are booked and the rental cars are reserved along with the hotels. There is nothing quite like living in sin at the Holiday Inn, for a few days in Braselton, Ga.

Team Manager Richard South has been extremely busy with the service side of things along with the race team duties. Joe Grassi and Nathan Thompson are trying to stay relaxed as everybody seems to have dropped off their cars at the same time, to be worked on. So not only are they working on customer cars, the two of them are busy trying to get two race cars ready for our first race weekend, which is very quickly approaching.

Leo Bouchereau, has been busy with the bus and Big Blue making sure those two important pieces are ready for the track this year. William Guthrie has already been contacted about frying some fish for the paddock at Road Atlanta.

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